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After months of chronic, debilitating pain, i consulted Mr. Rao who diagnosed the need for an urgent hip replacement. After clearly explaining exactly what was involved, including the risks, I felt confident in placing myself in his expert hands.The operation was undertaken a week later and that evening Mr.Rao explained that it had been a success insofar as he was concerned. My recovery was entirely in my own hands. There is now a hard road ahead but, I feel confident of a complete recovery because Mr. Rao's expert and caring approach has given me the encouragement to succeed. I cannot thank him enough.

Patricia Aylott, Abergele, Conwy on 07 Feb 2017

For a number of years I had suffered knee pain and was unable to complete a light job without this causing pain. Mr Rao completed a bilateral arthroscopy on me in June of this year and now I have managed to get back on the treadmill and an currently running up to 7 miles with no pain. The operation has changed my life and I am now able to carry on with the exercise I enjoy. Mr Rao was very clear with me before and after the operation to ensure that I was aware of all implications and understood the procedure. I am so pleased with the out come of this surgery. Thank you Mr Rao....

Louise Murphy, Wrexham on 11 Dec 2011

I have recently had a successful replacement hip operation, by Mr Janardhan Rao. I wish to express my sincere thanks for the excellent care provided. I am 82 years old and appreciate the skill, concern and resulting benefits that I now enjoy. 

Mrs Jean Jones, Ellesmere Port, England on 13 Oct 2011

Mr. Rao is an incredible man I cannot believe the wonderful operation he performed on my husband. My husband was suffering so much and taking lots of pain killing drugs, he had a previous operation for Hip Replacement 20 years ago (with a different surgeon) and this had troubled him for years. Mr Rao performed a hip revision operation which was very complicated (my husband has a number of heart problems) and because of all the complications the operation took almost 10 hours. Not only is he an incredible surgeon he is a perfect gentleman and we can not thank him enough. He has given us both a new lease of life. We are for ever grateful to this wonderful man. 

Ann Hunt, Chester on 28 Aug 2011