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North Wales teacher locked knee, unlocked by keyhole surgery

Mr Janardhan Rao on Mon, 29 Jun 2009

A young and active sports teacher from North Wales had successful day case surgery on his knee. He had been having troublesome locking of his knee after a football injury. He struggled with his job and found running difficult. He needed to have quick and high quality treatment to fit in with the school holidays. He had his operation performed by Mr Janardhan Rao at the Chester Hip and Knee Unit. "I am delighted with the outcome" he said.

"I was having real problems at work as my knee would lock up and I had given up football. I had heard of the excellent reputation of Mr. Rao. The whole process was so simple. Once the problem was found, we set a date for the operation, during the holidays which was convenient for me." When asked about the operation he went on to say, "I had a keyhole operation on my knee, I walked in and after the operation I walked out again, on the same day." He went on to explain, "Mr Rao calmed my fears of the whole event, ….. I was in safe hands."

Mr Janardhan Rao who is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Chester Hip and Knee Unit (CHKU) was asked about this type of day case surgery. "Knee Arthroscopy is what is commonly called Keyhole knee surgery. The word Arthroscopy comes from the Greek "Arthro" meaning joint and "skopein", to see. We literally see into the joint. There are many conditions which can be treated by this minimally invasive approach. The small scar leads to a more rapid recovery. The perfect example is this school teacher, I unlocked his knee and he has now returned to football and is leading an active life again."

Mr. Janardhan Rao offers clinics on Wednesday mornings (09:00am – 1:00pm) and Thursday evenings (6:00pm-8:30pm). At Chester Hip & Knee Unit the problems caused by locked knees are well known. Mr. Rao and his team of specialists are experts in restoring the quality of life for their patients with prompt day case knee arthroscopy, and other surgical procedures.