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Jigs Makes Knees Better

Mr Janardhan Rao on Thu, 02 Aug 2012

Jigs do make knees better. Not the jigs that you would find in a lively folk dance, but in the form of a instrument or tool which helps during an operation. There has been a radical new change in bone and joint surgery. The latest technology to come along to help the patient is the use of MRI guided jigs.

An MRI is a magnetic resonance imaging scan, which gives a fantastically detailed picture of the knee. This picture can be used to build a model of the bones and the joint of the knee. This will give surgeons like Mr Janardhan Rao, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in Chester, a detailed view of the internal aspect of the knee. In people who have problems of the knee the MRI scan helps diagnose the problem.

These safe magnetic scans are now going one step further, for patients undergoing knee replacement surgery, the scans are helping with the accuracy of the operation. The 3D construct of the knee is being used to guide Mr Rao in performing the operations more accurately. Specialist jigs are being manufactured which are patient specific. in other words the precise shape and contour of your own knee can be matched to the perfect fitting knee replacement.

Mr Rao gives the example that this is like designer clothing, not a one size fits all, of the peg model. The benefits of the procedure can be discussed with Mr Rao, who works at the Nuffield Health Hospital in Chester.