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  • Reduced waiting times
  • Hip and Knee Operations
  • Low infection rates
  • MRSA and C Difficile screened and eradicated
  • Modern arthroscopic keyhole techniques
  • Premium quality knee replacements
  • Leading specialist knee surgeon
"After months of chronic, debilitating pain, i consulted Mr. Rao who diagnosed the need for an urgent hip replacement. After clearly explaining exactly what was involved, including the risks, I felt confident in placing myself in his expert hands.The operation was undertaken a week later and that evening Mr.Rao explained that it had been a success insofar as he was concerned. My recovery was entirely in my own hands. There is now a hard road ahead but, I feel confident of a complete recovery because Mr. Rao's expert and caring approach has given me the encouragement to succeed. I cannot thank him enough."

Patricia Aylott, Abergele, Conwy on 07 Feb 2017

Latest News

The Exeter Hip In Chester

The Exeter Hip replacement was originally developed in 1969 and in 2010 it celebrated the millionth implantation world wide. There has been over 40 years of excellent clinical data on this implant.

Designer Knee Replacement

Knee replacements are good, but can they be better? Is it possible to get a knee replacement which will last longer and work better? These are the questions we posed to Mr Janardhan Rao a consultant orthopaedic surgeon in Chester.

Jigs Makes Knees Better

Jigs do make knees better. Not the jigs that you would find in a lively folk dance, but in the form of a instrument or tool which helps during an operation. There has been a radical new change in bone and joint surgery.

North Wales teacher locked knee, unlocked by keyhole surgery

A young and active sports teacher from North Wales had successful day case surgery on his knee. He had been having troublesome locking of his knee after a football injury. He struggled with his job and found running difficult.